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In the same way the Israelites painted blood over their doors to receive Gods protection from death, Christ paints us in his blood rescuing us from eternal death and separation from God. By faith we are united to him in his perfect life, bloody death, burial & resurrection so that we are received by God as justified law keepers. This is the essence of the Christian faith, what Paul said was of paramount importance in 1 Corinthians 15:3, and what this ministry is all about. The gospel.

We chose the name Brushed RED to make a point about scripture. That point is that the Bible has one unifying message. Jesus & his gospel. Whether we are reading the Old Testament or the New Testament, the hero of the story is Christ and the thread tying it all together is the message of imputed righteousness that God provides from outside of us. The name Brushed RED embodies this idea because while the Israelites did not know Jesus name, they were trusting in God’s promise to provide a covering for them while they brushed red over their doors. God saved those that were “brushed red” not because of any merit on their part, but simply because they were covered by the blood.



The problem is that faith in the gospel is simple, but its not easy. Because we are born in Adam under a covenant of works before God (“obey and you will live”/law), our default mindset is that we earn our standing before the Lord. We can be told otherwise but our default assumption even after years of Gospel training can easily revert back to what we were born into. We are literally wired for law keeping, not gospel trusting. This is why 1 Corinthians 1:18 says that the gospel is foolishness to those who are perishing. It is a foolish idea to the natural man.

Because of this, our conviction is that 90% of Christian sermons, blogs, podcast, videos, etc. should be spent reminding us of the gospel. We are too prone to forget. Unfortunately, this is not the case in evangelicalism. On the contrary we see content flowing in line with how we are wired. 90% DO. 90% law. Because we operate in a “gospel-lite” paradigm much of North American evangelicalism is starving.

It has been exciting to see a resurgence of the idea that the gospel needs to be emphasized in small circles within evangelicalism. Brushed RED aims to be part of that resurgence of reformation passion that focuses on the gospel emphasis in the Christian life.

Our mission is to help save people from pietism & moralistic Christianity. Our aim is to show them what makes Christianity the worlds unique religion and in the process to free them from self-righteousness/condemnation that results in an improper understanding of law and gospel in the Bible. We want to crush the funDAMNentalist mold while displaying true reformed orthodoxy in a simple understandable way. We want many atheists/agnostics who have walked away from Christianity to see that what they walked away from in many cases was a caricature of Christianity. Our goal is not to pull people from church but encourage membership in gospel-centered communities where they can be fed gospel preaching, participate in corporate worship and partaking of the sacraments and grow in their faith. We want people to have Jesus. The real Jesus.

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